Trading With ECF Statement - Update Vn 1.6

29 January 2019

Matt Hall, ECF National Sales Development Manager reflecting on the successful launch of MyECF to over 1,000 customers in 12 weeks and increased numbers of automated business processes has hghlighted the need to ensure that ECFs “Trading With ECF Statement” is contunally updated to reflect the many advances ECF is making.

Matt says "With the introduction of MyECF and the large numbers of customers now signed up to the service, we are excited to see the benefits now being achieved. Investments in 2018 in our IT business systems, online services and our logistics means that we are experiencing tremendous improvements in the levels of service we provide across the whole business. Transactions are increasingly becoming automated including the production of paperwork like order acknowledgments and invoicing. We have decided to reflect this level of consistency in an update to our “Trading With ECF Statement”.

The Trading With ECF Statement provides a single view of how ECF trades with customers. Access the statement by clicking on Trading With ECF Statement

Ref: ECF News Item 2019 

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